Patrick Gamble (born June 9, 1990), known by his stage name Pat G, is a rapper, football coach and motivational speaker from Temple, Texas. Pat G started rapping in January 2010. He dropped “The Demo” in 2012 to put out a compilation of the songs he had created up to that point. On his birthday in 2015, he dropped his first album entitled “A Different Perspective.” A month later, in July 2015, he won the Akademia award for “Best Rap EP.” The Akademia Music Awards said, “From its opening Zeppelin-inspired moments forward this new EP from Pat G is admirably elevated by a tight lyrical flow and a compositional methodology that deploys legendary music samples in recognizable form.” 

Pat G is a practicing Christian and his faith influences the music he writes. God, faith, education, hard work, community and family are what are most important to him.  His dreams are to provide for his city and beyond, so that no one goes hungry and to inspire the youth to relentlessly chase their dreams.